Crusoe on Mars

24 Jan 2017, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, DesignAR

Robinson Crusoe in brand new episode visiting MARS. That’s how Ridley Scot made Matt Damon the Martian in 2015. Technically it’s well costumed Crusoe movie. It somehow inspired me to ask myself about chosen path – career, since every day I’m on some mission. It seemed to be easier to be nerd, part of a rescue mission on route Earth – Mars – Earth, than nerd-designer in production house located in Serbia. Let’s put it this way: Me and my crew saves at least one forgotten starving botanic only few blocks from my hose. My friends like to say we are living Hollywood. Truth is, in Hollywood stories follow standard narrative structure with happy endings. My life/career fallen into strange repetition of rising action – crisis – climax loop. Maybe it’s time for some debugging.

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