Sigma Art lenses

13 Nov 2016, Posted by Adam in DesignAR

I’ve been inspired by reading comments about #SigmaArt lenses. Users are either satisfied or complaining for it’s missfocusing. And its truth. In rush it can, as much as every other lens on any body. Than again, can you always rely on autofocusing system. It’s mechanics depending electronics depending on algorithm depending on reflected photons (!?). Truth is – there is no perfect lens. But lets be honest #sigma made magic wiht its #art lineup. I’ve tested 18-35mm and 50-100mm, on my Canon EOS 60D, in extreme light conditions, from low light, low contrast to high key, direct light into lens. For the first time digital sensor (aps-c, to be precise) and under 2k lenses – gave artefacts and three-dimensionality (or depth of space ) closest to results achieved in analogue photography. Bokeh and flares are poetic story for itself. I’m sure label says #ART not #SPORT.

I can’t admit its love at first sight, but I might consider investing.

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