23 Jan 2017, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, DesignAR

800 Free eBooks for iPad, Kindle & Other Devices Much of knowledge in one place! Though, I wonder when and how will we change the concept of how we are receiving knowledge? In 21st century it is still vocal sharing and reading.

Gian Luigi Carminati

27 Dec 2016, Posted by Adam in DesignAR

Gian Luigi Carminati is a passionate and poetic 76 years old man who spent his entire life repairing cameras. In his small workshop in Milan, he takes care of old cameras with just a set of screwdrivers and a lot of patience. We got the…

Sigma Art lenses

13 Nov 2016, Posted by Adam in DesignAR

I’ve been inspired by reading comments about #SigmaArt lenses. Users are either satisfied or complaining for it’s missfocusing. And its truth. In rush it can, as much as every other lens on any body. Than again, can you always rely on autofocusing system. It’s mechanics…

Honey & Yogurt

07 Nov 2016, Posted by Adam in DesignAR

Honey. Crown jewel of food styling. One of the food beauty shots for local client. Tvc project should be archived on 14.11. stay tuned.