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20th birthday of profession

26 Feb 2016, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, DesignAR

Few days ago I received invitation for 20th anniversary of elementary school magazine named “Školarac“. Small event, but a serious flash back worth of presence and public speech. 20 years has passed since my first signed work was published. It was a character subjected as “one which strikes fear into me”. Frankly I couldn’t recall him at first, but it became precious. Because it became part of something greater. First of all, 1996 was the year when Relja Dereta and I collaborated for the first time, as pioneers of “Školarac” redaction. It was magical to invoke all…

13 Jan 2016, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, DesignAR

Man who is passionate about posters. Galleries, exhibitions, professors, designers, students, Ministers, Presidents, art dealers from all around the world salute white bearded mister Rene Wanner. His devotion to visit every poster exhibition is tremendous. Even if you’ve just heard about him from elder colleague, you’ll recognize him when time comes, and fear not to approach and introduce your self to him. Rene Wanner’s dates from year 1997. more or less since internet was born and is unique database with guess what!? POSTERS. It became international newsletter for posters…

Legendary Nikon F5

29 Nov 2015, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, PhotographAR

I owe gratitude to mister John Palmer, for giving me opportunity to own his slr-tank, legendary NIKON F5. He even sent me 2 kodak 40oTX rolls. Can’t wait to give F prefix to my next project. And one thing is for sure. It will be black and white.

Vectra B, Babin zub, Stara planina

02 Nov 2015, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, DesignAR, PhotographAR

In honor to my faithful car on Stara planina mountain. on #opel #vectra #b #silver #staraplanina #babinzub #offroad #caravan #wirlebenautos #skijalistasrbije #serbia #srbija #auto #opelfanclub #experience #explore #ride #mountain #ad #commercial #photography #1000bojastareplanine #missionoldmounain A photo posted by adamrakicevic (@adamrakicevic) on Nov 2, 2015 at 9:07am PST