February 2017


Festina Lente

05 Feb 2017, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal

Festina Lente Augustus Octavian Caesar “Požuri polako.” Oktavijan Da bi uradio nešto, potrebno je utrošiti onoliko vremena, koliko je potrebno da bi se to ostvarilo. Najbrži način da se uradi nešto, je da se uradi temljno, kako treba.

Wise man spoke about light

02 Feb 2017, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, PhotographAR, photography

I bought pair of Bowens Geminis from a veterran. Amongst words exchanged about experience and factors on which a good photo depends, he emphasized quality of light modiffiers. Materials smoothness, and so on. Actually, its the only thing that matters. Now it gives me ideas.