Amethyst burning process

13 Apr 2021, Posted by Adam in ADA_mR blog

from my genesis #NFT project ART OF PRESSURE
All photos with expired offers and no bids, with numbers 16 to 25 don’t exist anymore as initial visuals. I replaced uploaded photo, erased .CR2 and corresponding .jpeg from the archive. So I down’t own any kind of copy no digital s

Amethyst macros are now replaced with visual fusion made of 9 randomly picked Crypto Punks.
They are named Crypto Punked Amethyst. Why should I sit aside felling worse and less valuable than any smart ass out there extra profiting on someone eases hyped artwork. As #nft market echoes: Its easier and more favorable to make such ripoff than push your own unique artwork tokens. Challenge accepted.

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amethyst macros burned with crypto punks.

Watch video showing how selected Amethyst macro photos – RAW files and JPEGs seize to exist forever.


After more than month of grinding building audience poll on Twitter, promoting collection on every possible channel/post day and night, it still hasn’t found proper understanding, audience or collectors. All I got were emails saying Your auction expired. On market, any kind of alternative cryptoPunks got more attention, interest, investments and appreciation, than any of 29 selected photos. Specially uncreative low effort rip-offs and subject variations. And I was sitting bare handed trying my best to contribute to NFT Community. Since my current day job position turned out to be no different than 6 years ago when the photos were made – under enormous pressure. MOFO struck. Demotivation struck. Lower value complex struck. Burnout struck. Such reflexions will be noted as direct influence to my art. These will be coded into my website, youtube, and blockchain.

What you are about to witness is process of burning art from my nft genesis piece collection Art of pressure. Im about to replace token content of photos numbered 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 (24 claimed as gift) 25 and modify description accordingly. I’m replacing them with last traces of mentioned Amethyst photos fused with random picked Crypto Punks. CR2 – raw photo files, and any corresponding JPEGs of Amethyst macro photos will be erased from archive. Every bit associated to those images will seize to exist.


Art of pressure is unique selection of Amethyst gem macro photos made back in January 2015 which will be confirmed by Raw files exif data. I was working in Red production (Serbia). TV/Movie production company in which was normal to work 12-28 hours a shift without payed overtime, thanks to its owner’s ambitions and business plan. 5k job. A year. I was looking into gems crystals under a lens. My attention was instantly drawn by Discovering magnificent detailing on gem’s crystals.

After making all the photos of interesting compositions I found on gem and just looking at all of them – it came to me: these marvelous details were made very long time ago under huge amount of pressure. Similar like diamonds are formed, only these are Silica based. Wow. I imagined displaying photos on large format prints on grand event. Only proper way to share admiration to details of a purple colored semi precious gem with audience. But, such grand event never showed up. And I’ve kept working the same – unpaid overtime under pressure.

So I’ve kept all the photos unpublished for six years. On 17th February 2021. my beloved Nina mentioned #nft​ space, thanx to her brother Ivan (Johnny Green) who lives and works in Dubai. And all pieces came together. All the experience gathered for years in digital advertising and production can and will be used to launch myself into NFTs. Finally my long sleeping project is brought to light in quite grand occasion – binding my first creations into blockchain. At least, thats what I felt right to do.

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