Giotto De Beeple by @obiwankenoisy

07 Apr 2021, Posted by Adam in ADA_mR blog


Giotto De Beeple is a #genesis #nft of fellow photographer superstar NOISY that never found love.
As he gifted it to me – rejecting his creation which intended to adopt his art to #nftmarket’s hype requirements. I self initiated obligation to push it until if finds #nftcollector, and prove fairytale #nftcommunity #cryptoart is real story. I will send him back 50% of final bid income. For he is brother in arms, superStar photographer Kevin McQueen from Oklahoma city and one of the hosts on

As for artwork itself I give to Giotto De Beeple it excellent marks for he used 13th century Giottos Crucifixion painting as base and gave it contemporary seasoning by replacing Jesus Christ’s identity with Beeple’s. Hitting the Banksy kind of quality statement: Nothing has changed in human behavior even after 2000 years A.C. (though only medium of art – #tart) For Beeple has sacrificed more than 13 years of creating digital art to build his position and showcase it, showing that #nft space is here to stay! But humans are still crucifying him and his deeds, a as top representative of #NFTCREATORS. This artwork’s visual communication is history book record of current #NFT social status.


Since all platforms offers only price drop to make #nft sellable, I’ve decided to use an opposite approach.
People tend to reject things that are new, different, and to ignore one’s achievements and existence, just for they haven’t heard about it, or not being touched by hype tornado, what is exactly the case with author of this #nft. Similar ignorance was noted when newspapers were introduced to the public every day use, electricity, TV, internet, cellphones, shopping online, Blockchain and Bitcoin. Each of mentioned tech were crucified and satanized to be rejected, no matter each one revolutionary improved quality of human life. Ignorance for this art piece will come with a price.

Giotto De Beeple Conclusion

My first offer was .5 eth and was set to last for 3 days. If after those 3 days offer expires without bids (new owner). Each next flight offer will be increased for 0.5 eth. Until generous #nftcollector appears.
Oh, but that’s not how it goes – tokens value is blah blah blah…
Thats exactly how it will go, until someone does homework and researches author’s references and get this special art statement. Cheap or not – its up to you.


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