Hunting bots on bird platform

17 Jun 2021, Posted by Adam in ADA_mR blog

Driven by drastic reduction of impression and statistics on twitter profile in Maj / June 2021, I started investigating causes of such chronic activity.

In addition:

I’m not against growing follower count and stats on steroids. I’m not against charging services of posting content made buy other peoples. Its billboard renting method. Thats also fair.
Setting and releasing bots to chase few hashtags and content related to NFTs, so bird algorithm could trash your post’s engagement as spam. Under veil your content suck so they could sell magic of engagement on their profile – thats A RED CARD! Bellow belt punch.

Hope i wont get storm-reported by swarm of bots for throwing shade at these morons pouting digital environment.
But hey even if bird bans me, Im sure it wont be for long. And hey – whats one profile in sacrifice to nft community keeps growing.

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