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19 Feb 2018, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, DesignAR

Scripts, scripts, scripts. Every where i turn, its code – code – code. I’m about to start tackling these. www dot motionscript dot com is one hell of a resource, so lets start from there. I should plant that tree long time ago. Still, it’s never too late to plant one.

Duke’s Curse

24 Jul 2017, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, DesignAR

Today I found facebook status on Marko Kon’s profile, asking how should part of lost poem known as Duke’s curse [Srb.or Kneževa kletva] be translated on English. Last vers of the original was most problematic because of implication and metaphore it contains. My first attempt was “Let rust drool while he’s on knees!” Suggesting some rust should overwhelm the cursed one from the inside. Than again, one should die from rust – coagulated blood, or rust of the sword. Or both. Regarding tradition of Sebian curses, it is never enough to punish single individual. In verses, conclusion of…

He Loved Posters

16 Jul 2017, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal

Rene managed for 20 years to be connected with hearts and thoughts of many designers, creatives and many other much more important souls in every corner of the world where his dedicated love for posters could have taken him. Let sadness for loosing him in material matter follow him as he moves to sky of legends, and let happiness overtake our hearts and keeps us strong in belief for his life’s work made him shine as the brightest star of them all.


10 Jul 2017, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, photo, PhotographAR, photography

Its friday night. Im exhausted. Im bored. Its raining. Any thunder? Yes. IM BORED NO MORED! #phographar #thunderthighs#thunderstorm #lightning #photographics#nature #abstract #photographerslife —


23 Jun 2017, Posted by Adam in photo, PhotographAR, photography

Massive print campaign is launched for CEDEVITA, product owned by Atlantic Group. I can’t count on how many bilboards all arround the city it is applied. And I haven’t reached out Belgrade. Print campaign has it’s TVC’s, so stay tuned – it’s hilarious. I’ll publish it in photography section of my website. #cedevita Client: Atlantic Group Agency: #noordinaryagency Creative direction: Dušan Adamović Production: Red production Photography: Adam Rakićević  

Incoming (2018)

02 Apr 2017, Posted by Adam in PhotographAR

I’ve got opportunity to be Unit Still Photographer on another movie. #INCOMING is announced. Stay tuned to my Instagram and other media for updates and awesome photos in International Space Station. Scott Adkins To Star In Indie Thriller ‘Incoming’; Julia Jones Boards ‘Hard Powder’ Aaron McCusker To Co-Star In Indie Film ‘Incoming’; Noah Galvin Joins ‘Assassination Nation’ Update Feb 18th. Official poster published. Expecting premiere.

Festina Lente

05 Feb 2017, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal

Festina Lente Augustus Octavian Caesar “Požuri polako.” Oktavijan Da bi uradio nešto, potrebno je utrošiti onoliko vremena, koliko je potrebno da bi se to ostvarilo. Najbrži način da se uradi nešto, je da se uradi temljno, kako treba.

Wise man spoke about light

02 Feb 2017, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, PhotographAR, photography

I bought pair of Bowens Geminis from a veterran. Amongst words exchanged about experience and factors on which a good photo depends, he emphasized quality of light modiffiers. Materials smoothness, and so on. Actually, its the only thing that matters. Now it gives me ideas.

Crusoe on Mars

24 Jan 2017, Posted by Adam in Adam's Journal, DesignAR

Robinson Crusoe in brand new episode visiting MARS. That’s how Ridley Scot made Matt Damon the Martian in 2015. Technically it’s well costumed Crusoe movie. It somehow inspired me to ask myself about chosen path – career, since every day I’m on some mission. It seemed to be easier to be nerd, part of a rescue mission on route Earth – Mars – Earth, than nerd-designer in production house located in Serbia. Let’s put it this way: Me and my crew saves at least one forgotten starving botanic only few blocks from my hose. My friends like to say we are living Hollywood. Truth…