Dragomir Barber

Category: documentary, personal art, photography, portfolio album, portrait


February 25, 2018


Dragomir Đurić is hairdresser for 40 years. He is working in salon which exists 120 years on same place in Karadjordjeva street in Belgrade.
Numerous awards, diplomas, plaques, thank-you notes are displayed around salon, along with hair care product packages from the ’80. Fashion shows in Yugoslavia, presidents, actors, famous people, tourists, newcomers, each of them passed through comb and scissors of Dragan. He shared an impression about Karadjordjeva street having trees and more people passing by back in the days, before garage was built across the street. Now its mostly cars, busses and cable cars. And they don’t need haircut. But still business goes well. And luckily, his daughter will inherit the tradition. I would be pleased to met her in the salon, but she was on seminar.