Morning After

Category: Art, personal art, photography, portrait


Nenad Prokić, Milica Spasojević, Aleksandar Ranković (Him), Sofi Sretenović (She), and myself joined forces on short movie project about raising awareness of violence against women. Short movie was named: Have you read todays news. Premiere was in SKC Blegrade 23rd of May 2013.

After shooting… Let’s call them stunt scenes, overwhelmed with some strange emotions, I came across an idea to make series of photos with contrast to primary subject. No violence, no bruises, no yelling, no anger, no fear, no tears. I wanted to get satisfied faces of young couple, relaxed poses. Passion. Pure positivity and clear thoughts in gentle morning. So we made a short break. I used atmosphere near the window of the apartment where we were shooting. Day was Sunny, partially cloudy with strong wind. That gave us soft, defused shadows and relaxed morning atmosphere.

Director, Screen writer, Choreographer and Costume designs: Sofija Sretenović
Director, Screen play, DoP, Editing: Nenad Prokić „Štap i kanap studio
Production & Management: Milica Spasojević, Adam Rakićević, „Zen Art“

Photos are not retouched.