Smoking Rorschach

Category: Art, Experimental, personal art, photography
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Smoking Rorschach


April 01, 2009


Studies of cigarette smoke. First successful photo experiment done back in 2009

I my early twenties i used to be a heavy smoker. During pleasure of that bad habit, i noticed smoke can be quite creative while spreading through air.
It went through my mind – art of free motion can be saved only with camera. I started gathering various information, like:
what are the best conditions to shoot smoke, what type of background, light setting, temperature of studio, special motions that gives shapes to smoke, various cigarettes gives different volume and color of smoke etc. After shooting i had thousands of photos with smoke with no arty shapes or logic. After hours of reviewing ideas started to appear deeply hidden in shapes of smoke. And now i have nice memory of my former bad habit.