Fresh Wesh interactive installations

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Group of designers consisted of Nikola Damjanov, Bojana Đurić, Elena Kostić, Sanja Ignjatović, Danica Manić, Miloš Kozlovački, Nenad Prokić, Bratislav VidanovićAdam Rakićević made their first exhibition steps made in group named Fresh Wesh showing full creative usage of technical knowledge and application of artistic skills. As Fresh Wesh we made interactive installations, exhibition stands which required certain attention and interaction with visitors.

2009 Edu zona / Mikser design festival

2009. exhibition space was based on idea to attract visitors attention by walking through laundry room, made of t-shirts with printed artwork of colleagues from generation 2009. Foundations of exhibition space were readymade washing machines with monitors instead of standard mechanism, showing video of laundry washing cycle, with idea to initiate concept – we are washing design!


Fresh wesh 2009



2010 Edu zona / Mikser design expo

Washing machines became fifth element of Fresh Wesh. Installation was made out of 9 washing machines. In each lived one of us. You activated us by blowing into hose we installed. Second part of installation was interactive ironing system, which you could use for drawing, as if you used mouse. To reach idea of the atmosphere we had on stand, and why it had the most visits amongst exhibition stands – click on video bellow.

Fresh Wesh 2010

2011 Edu zona / Mikser festival

Interactive design installation black belt testing. Monumental stand made out of 3 sections – augmented reality, projection mapping, hologram. We connected technological trends in design and old crafting skills in order to invoke memory of Serbian heroins – Milunka Savić, Jelena Šantić and Ljubica Marić. Overwhelmed whit wave of selective memory, surrounded with hard times, we realized our microsystem needed superheroes. Three of them marked our history, but we have quickly forsaken them. Milunka was the most honorable warheroin, Jelena prima ballerina and peace fighter, and Ljubica vise and very creative applied artist.

Augmented reality – Each heroin got uniquely designed interactive book which got new dimension on specified terminal of stand.

Projection mapping – Animations were projected on abstract 3D sculptured portraits of Milunka, Jelena and Ljubica.

Hologram – It was just a show off of our creativity, skillfulness, and team work. Thats why it had special hidden place on our stand.

Fresh Wesh at Mixer design festival 2011

In period of 3 years of creative team work colleagues showed and emitted endless amount of love, advices, unselfish assistance and showed dedication and devotion to concept. Together we advanced a lot, shared a lot of experience and contacts, overcame lots of obstacles and most of all developed ability to make A LOT out of nothing. Which ever road each one of us took, mentioned virtues, are still glowing from us and make us noticeable members of our new teams.

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