Video production

Video production
“No matter if even the 69th shooting sucks. Relax. Keep on rolling.
Next one will be better and maybe get you golden award. And then it will be the coolest.
And please never wear sandals on set.”

Adam was Still photographer of the movie Incoming ft. Scott Adkins.
Part of his service was to produce animations for interfaces in scenography (e.g Command bridge, Shuttle controls, Door locks, Office monitors etc.)

0:00 Intro
0:05 Yonce – Elite dance choreography / DOP
0:09 Nikolija – Nikolija / SFX
0:11 Dance choreography / Shooting
0:15 Cafe bar Dali promo video / VFX, DOP, Editing
0:18 Milica Pavlovic – Alibi / Editing
0:26 ET / DOP, Editing
0:34 Struka – Ovde / Directing, DOP, Editing
0:43 Stefan Kokovic – Panika / Directing, DOP, Editing

Video teaser for unisex clothing brand.
Brand & Music production Miki Hrankovic
Direction, DOP & video production Adam Rakicevic
Special thanks to: Lou Benny Begefank and Milica Jokic

Music Videos

Corpo & TVC Videos