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Hunting bots on bird platform

17 Jun 2021, Posted by Adam in ADA_mR blog

Driven by drastic reduction of impression and statistics on twitter profile in Maj / June 2021, I started investigating causes of such chronic activity. https://twitter.com/adamrakicevic/status/1405170670137393159?s=20 https://twitter.com/adamrakicevic/status/1405289221061976066?s=20 In addition: I'm not against growing follower count and stats on steroids. I'm not against charging services of posting content made buy other peoples. Its billboard renting method. Thats also fair. BUTSetting and releasing bots to chase few hashtags and content related to NFTs, so bird algorithm could trash your post's engagement as spam. Under veil your content suck so they could sell magic of engagement on their...

Smart contracts – Who makes it MINTS IT!

24 Apr 2021, Posted by Adam in ADA_mR blog

Statement about NFT Artists, Clients and smart contracts Dear Artist, lets clear things a bit about utilization of those new tech - Smart contracts of the Blockchain. Im inspired by activities in NTF community, and I'll use my "keyboard muscles" to point the elephant. IF you get approached by client 2do commission work (royal, famous, whale, most valuable president or Pope himself) Step 1 - YOU MUST BE THE CREATOR OF THE TOKEN ON BLOCKCHAIN Steo 2 - YOU TRANSFER TOKEN TO CLIENT! On my opinion, that's the ONLY WAY to participate and...

Giotto De Beeple by @obiwankenoisy

07 Apr 2021, Posted by Adam in ADA_mR blog

Introduction Giotto De Beeple is a #genesis #nft of fellow photographer superstar NOISY that never found love. As he gifted it to me - rejecting his creation which intended to adopt his art to #nftmarket's hype requirements. I self initiated obligation to push it until if finds #nftcollector, and prove fairytale #nftcommunity #cryptoart is real story. I will send him back 50% of final bid income. For he is brother in arms, superStar photographer Kevin McQueen from Oklahoma city and one of the hosts on urbanromantix.com As for artwork itself I give...

ADAmR digital designer & photographer before #nft

29 Mar 2021, Posted by Adam in ADA_mR blog

Who is ADAmR ADAmR is digital designer & photographer from Belgrade, Serbia. Small country on South east of Europe, rigid and turbulent at the same time. Eternal crossroads of East, West, South and North. Place known for giving birth to scientists like Nikola Tesla, Mihailo Pupin, Milutin Milankovic, athletes like Novak Djokovic, Pedja Stojakovic, Nikola Jokic, whole generations of water polo players and many more magnificent people. ADAmR is experienced in wide variety of graphic design forms – from traditional painting, print, digital design, animation to interactive installations. I participated in...