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29 Mar 2021, Posted by Adam in ADA_mR blog

Who is ADAmR

ADAmR is digital designer & photographer from Belgrade, Serbia. Small country on South east of Europe, rigid and turbulent at the same time. Eternal crossroads of East, West, South and North. Place known for giving birth to scientists like Nikola Tesla, Mihailo Pupin, Milutin Milankovic, athletes like Novak Djokovic, Pedja Stojakovic, Nikola Jokic, whole generations of water polo players and many more magnificent people. ADAmR is experienced in wide variety of graphic design forms – from traditional painting, print, digital design, animation to interactive installations. I participated in more than 20 exhibitions around Europe. I developed my photography skills from passion to profession. Now, I like to declare my self as commercial and experimental photographer. I’ve shot for numerous commercial campaigns for clients like L’oreal, Sberbank, Credit Agricole bank, OTP Bank, Henkel, microE etc. I was Still photographer on 2 feature films And I could do that for a living. But its not possible in country where I’am from. So I gathered a rather colorful set of experiences in past 10 years, working in TV/Movie production and advertising. Each week in production could be an article for itself since each project brought different people and different challenges from all around the world. Hint: I participated and organized shooting of more than 300 TVCs in 3 years period. Yes, three hundred. How is that even possible, you might ask, well overtime and mobbing combined are miraculous. But he consciously accepted the game. And please let’s keep that in the drawer, cause every single one of them came through his hands.

Why are you in Creative space?

Creativity is my nature. Design process to me is Creatio ex nichilo. Ideas becoming sketches, sketches becoming materialized. As dr Einstein said – Ideas matter. Everyone can perform technical execution. Thankfully to my dear Mom, and my ground school teacher – my creative talents were recognized and motivated from early days throughout all education period. In high school I had 1st International exhibition, I was awarded national 1st place for contribution to fine arts. But somehow, after not being accepted on Faculty for Drama arts I drifted towards Literature and journalism. But there was a breaking point in year 2008. after my 3rd year of studying World literature at University of Belgrade. I was not even close to start making for living, no experience other than Street art. Something had to be changed, for time and opportunities wouldn’t stop specially for me to compose myself. After lots of introspective rollercoasters, it came back to me, only thing I was good at, all this time, was drawing. And thanks to God and my supportive family – that’s how I got here. Day by day, line by line, step by step, pixel by pixel, frame by frame. Back on track, revived and liberated. Supported by old-code design Masters, traditional painting and print design struck, digital photography and 3D max followed, scratching animations and compositing. The iPhone 3 revolutionized design and market. Instagram came. Then we were introduced to interactive design. Since mentioned techniques are contemporary art tools, and all are based on same principles and archetypes, I find it harmful to reject any of mentioned skills. That’s why ADAmR will stay digital designer and photographer. International poster festival in Chaumont, visiting Venice biennale at that time felt like I was embraced by all the creative forces and Creme de la Creme of the world. Everything was easy back then. If something was challenging, we accepted it no questions asked and learned how to on the flight, driven by Show must go on lightmotive. I got bachelor degree on Metropolitan University in Belgrade with final scores 99.7/100. And somehow it became a routine and a life style and I just have to keep creating art in return, as act of gratitude. Specially now, for we are living in period which gives birth to Digital Renaissance period. Boy what a great time to be alive and create art!

Art of Pressure Adam’s #genesis #nft project

When observed under a macro lens crystals reveal whole world of mesmerizing abstract geometrical shapes, edges and cuts of semiprecious Amethyst gem. Photos are made in continual unrepeatable process, in search for interesting details and composition under narrow focus area. All of it formed long time ago under huge amount of pressure, but no one is actually sure HOW the purple color and geodes are formed. It was more than symbolic for ADAmR digital designer and photographer career by the time of making back in 2015. Unfortunately todays is no much different. Whole series was kept unpublished for so long because it had strong emotional value for me and I envisioned it should be revealed on large formats showing the beauty of each on some grand occasion exhibition. But the grandest one came as a wakeup call, brought to me on FEB2021 by my beloved fiancé @ninart888 when her brother reported from some conference in Dubai how superFarm project and #NFT space would be interesting to me.

It was more than interesting! And I was more than ready for it, since under pressure of 9-2-5 I’ve forgot all about wowing unique data into blockchain, tracing every transaction to its creator. To be honest I slept through the uprising of BTC and ETH. So each photo of crystal is like reminding token of celebration of who I’ve become under pressure long time ago, and opportunity that has been given to participate in #NTF space right NOW. 

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